Pixel Perfect Design

About Us

Here at No Half Pixels we always strive to provide the best, competetive, and friendly service required for projects small and large. We work with clients from goverment / international corporations, to local small business owners. The focus is always 100% on the project regardless of size.

We are just as enthusiastic about open source projects with great potential as we are with
huge corporate projects.

We can provide Brand Development, Design, and Web Development with some SEO, Application Development, and Project Managment to ensure projects are completed to their full potential.

Our Services

Branding Service


Creating and enhancing brands is right up our street, with multiple years experience working in the design industry we can help you achieve a long and successful brand.

Development Service


It may be simple HTML, or a full lamp stack environment. Whatever it is we can ensure your application gets developed to the highest standard utilising the latest technologies.
We can provide services in HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, Javascript (& jQuery), Angular JS, WordPress, and Laravel along with many others.

Design Service


Everybody is a designer these days. What sets us apart is our drive to make sure every new piece created is better than the last. We understand the value in current trends, but also challenge these trends to provide unique, memorable works.

Contact Us

If you have an exciting new project or are just after a chat,
let us know below and we will get back to you asap.